Wednesday, December 28, 2011

About Me

I have been paralyzed for 24 years and living this life has taught me a lot about myself. Never noticing before the paralysis what life is like for people with disabilities has made me a different individual. As I aspired to be many things before the bullet, after the bullet and losing ability , cause feeling of giving up on my dreams. How can anyone who can't move still do things they dreamed about doing. All that changed when Christopher Reeve showed the world he was truly a hero. His work and advocacy showed many he represented , Quality of Life is achievable. His passing stunned millions of those with disabilities and effected us in different ways. I began to dedicate my aspirations towards working with others like myself. I began creating projects that put people with disabilities in parts normally seen be an able bodied individual.

That's what this project is about. Creating movies, TV shows, short films and more, to show others with disabilities what Christopher Reeve showed me. Anything is possible with determination. Below is a journey of videos that will express my work.

This is a video bio of my passions in working with others.

These are short films made with others like myself

Mission Possible with Actress Santina Muha

The Quadfather with Actress Santina Muha

Jacked Up with Comedian Damon Rozier



Professir X CD

Video Documentary

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About Richard

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